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2002 Q1 & Q2

May 31st; Gordon, Jeremy & I went to party at Isaac the Kabbalist's. As usual, lots of drumming, naughty-cigarette aromas, & girls magnetised to Isaac's affluent hipness.
May 30th; Woke up refreshed in Tim's house.

May 29th; Exciting chance to wear pale blue shirt & dark blue tie. The shirt one-time futures-trader boss David gave me, possibly because he still owes me five hundred quid, and the blue tie with white spots college friend Dan sold me for one quid in 1984. Sunny weather continues.
May 28th; Dry, dusty day. I roll round town like a salted peanut.

May 27th; A peaceful breakfast with Belli, then another hot drive to Szolnok. As we pass through Nyiregyhaza, Robin points out swarms of Russian & other cars with Ukrainian plates parked round the horse market.
May 26th; Robin, Bela & I breakfast in Tokaj and meet The Tree Man, then later Belli, who jointly owns vineyards with two German-speaking friends from Sud Tyrol in Italy.

May 25th; 2 intriguing weblogs: whump & fintel.
After a hot day's drive, Robin & I reach Tokaj with 3-year-old Bela. His first major adventure.
May 24th; Robin and I select some of his photos.

May 23rd; I see a cementmixer called Wopfinger.
Later, train chaos. I make some progress sticking little coloured pieces of paper into Edina's Arabic grammar while a carriageful of perky girls mock the train delays on their mobiles, taking off their summer sandals to wiggle their toes in the heat.
Robin picks me up from Kecskemet. At midnight we eat cheese and sausage in his candlelit kitchen.
May 22nd; Esther invites me to Miriam's new Afro-beat band.

May 21st; Young Kristina gets stern with me.
May 20th; Rob wakes from a dream (he says) today in which Andrei finds me in an Internet cafe, persuades me to buy his cut-price airline off him for 99 forints, I go to the airport with the documents, enter the cockpit of my aeroplane, let friends on board, fly to Brussels, land in an EU building, and give a talk there about micro-currencies.

May 19th; A harmonious lesson with Hussam. Later Gordon hosts.
May 18th; Rob and I encounter sporty student vet Anke.

May 17th; Ryan meets me for coffee, gives me a photocopy of a Rorty article about postmodernism.
May 16th; My children get nervous on stage, but the event goes quite well. Train back east, with a short rest at Vienna's Westbahnhof.

May 15th; More classes, this afternoon the friskiest yet.
May 14th; In a rather pretentious set of short essays in Wired , including space space, bush space, and dump space, this eerie piece about euro space asks to be read.

May 13th; Much better. Lots of sleep and my charming class show me around their town in the sunshine.
May 12th; A long day. I'm in Zistersdorf.

May 11th; On the lunchtime train to Austria with Friendly Owl [Catherine, I should say], Bob, Dave, & Maurice to Austria ignoring studied rudeness of MAV dining-car staff.
May 10th; I see inside Henry's flat, and Robin encourages me to make the game-show idea with Puedi wild and theatrical.

May 9th; Tamas kindly lets Robin, Istvan and me in through the stage door to see his extreme fashion show, involving mirrored-sunglasses-wearing models snipping audience members' sleeves with scissors, Jelena dressed in a birthday-cake fairy-godmother ballgown, and a platform-mounted foetus girl howling inside a stocking bag. Highlights included pairs of models in ripped black underwear walking very carefully because of being attached to each other by a black, concertina-ing trunk like those over wedding-photographers' zoom lenses [one pair joined at the mouth, one pair joined at the breast, and one shimmying duo joined at the groin]. Most fetching was a gazelle-like mannequin in high heels and a revealing frame-like dome-skirt cage decked in candles showing off her legs to excellent effect.
Friendly Owl SMSs me a work offer in Austria.
May 8th; A money mix-up. Someone else called Mark gets paid instead of me.

May 7th; Presumably this weblog, A Flight Risk, supposedly by a rich young heiress fleeing an arranged marriage, is someone having a crack at writing a suspense-filled, page-clicking novel in web-diary form. Hooked?
May 6th; How could uberchick not deserve a look?

May 5th; It seems I am a 'Low-fidelity All-Star Hipster' with totally natural cool, and I know all the words to Kung Fu Fighting, reveals a quiz uncovered by parallax.
First warm, sticky day. Trees are filled with some kind of hyacinth-type blossom.
May 4th; A mighty Chinese dictionary found by languagehat.

May 3rd; Out in sun and cool breezes outside the kebab place, two Hungarian alternative lads in grubby checked shirts and dirty blonde dreadlocks are eating. I sit at another table across from what looks like a strangely-shaped brown rucksack on one of the white metal garden chairs. When it moves, I realise it's a very large bird of prey with a leather hood over its head. A lot larger than Nina's Puppy, the boys refer to it as a type of eagle. Wrapped in its own enormous wings, like a brown Orson Welles cloak, it looked very big and nasty, quite capable of pecking the eyes out of an unemployed translator at a neighbouring table, were it unhooded and able to spot one. Then I notice a second, smaller bird, only handbag-sized, perhaps a hawk or kestrel, perched on the edge of their table. Probably belonging to the smaller Hungarian male.
May 2nd; Out for drinks with Richard. We chat about Colombian women, Adam Smith, and the Post Office internal investigation unit.

May 1st; I pick up the things I left at Vista from Heather, such as my handy guide to Germany's parliament, then get over to Gordon's.


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