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2002 Q1 & Q2

August 31st; Doteasy.com shuts this site. Robin & Boris turn up, get excited about the scent of vetivert, and take me out with elegant Krisztina & lithe Edina to a lovely party on Margit Island with sticky cake and dancing. Almond-eyed, half-Syrian Zena shakes her black locks at me, accusingly claiming I know her already. If only.
Limping home in small hours I become aware of odd discomfort in right shoe. I take shoe off and discover protruding metal nails and blood. Goodness gracious.

August 30th; Doteasy.com shuts this site.
August 29th; Doteasy.com shuts this site.

August 28th; Doteasy.com shuts this site.
August 27th; Doteasy.com shuts this site.

August 26th; Doteasy.com shuts this site. I finish the photocopy Ryan made of Anscombe's 'Intention' and make a few scrappy notes. In these [apart from getting confused about what Anscombe is trying to say about animate and inanimate objects {if a cat stalking a bird is said to be expressing an intention, then a car making a certain noise could be just as easily said to be expressing an intention of stalling}?] I sketch out what intentions seem to me to be.
How about defining an intention as a special kind of prediction where the speaker or intender has some reasonable chance of making the prediction come true? So that eclipses are predicted but shopping lists are intended?
August 25th; Doteasy.com shuts this site. Parisa explains Persian politics.

August 24th; Doteasy.com shuts this site.
August 23rd; Doteasy.com shuts this site.

August 22nd; Doteasy.com shuts this site.
August 21st; Doteasy.com shuts this site.

August 20th; Doteasy.com shuts this site.
August 19th; Doteasy.com shuts this site.

August 18th; In the early-afternoon heat, coming back from Erd, on a packed red 7 bus, two working men get on and make their way to the centre of the articulated bus. The younger one is carrying a large black dog across his arms, and lays it down on the revolving metal disc floor-piece, where the two-section bus is hinged, with enormous tenderness, his arms trembling as he gets back up to stand protectively over the body of his dog. The dog seems to be still, and has an eye rolled back. I ask the man if it is dead and his friend says quietly no. They are coming back from the vet, not going there, and it will live, it will be fine. My last question - and yes, it will even see. I felt a strangely intense outpouring of feeling for the young Hungarian labourer and his colleague, welling up in my chest. Silent, the man gently picked his dog up again several stops later and they carefully got off. Despite the hopeful news, whatever had happened to his big black hound had him still on the verge of tears.
August 17th; Tim's garden is bursting with quinces, grapes, damsons & almonds.

August 16th; Last night at Esther, Elysia & Tamas's.
August 15th; No closer to tracking down that honey-skinned waitress in Cserkeszolo, sad to say.

August 14th; Find US trawler-fisheries trade magazine?
August 13th; A couple of nights ago, I got up in the small hours very sleepy to get a mug of water from the bathroom. Switching on the light over the sink I suddenly saw someone else standing there in the mirror, not even with my face. The face in the mirror resembled me a little, but was more like a mask, or an animal face, two holes for eyes and a slit for a mouth cut in a layer of skin. Perhaps my frontal lobe was still asleep? It did feel a bit as if lizard brain was the one who got up for a drink.

August 12th; Back in touch with Richard Stemp.
August 11th; Odd weekend. I failed to meet both Diane and Dora at Said's event on different nights. Oh well.

August 10th; I wonder if I can still find my Forbes article?
August 9th; Rob and I get enjoyably drunk in kitchen.

August 8th; Pleasant, cheering hour with young Hussam.
August 7th; I do a practice run of cooking this for myself.

August 6th; Once again out to Erd on the big yellow bus, where as usual Szilveszter in his swimming trunks picks me up in the silver car. My young student Sara is allergic to cats (like me), as well as to dogs, house dust, flowers, trees and grass.
August 5th; A delightful, fresh weblog from Vichy, France.

August 4th; Robin races me to the Lakitelek railway station and I catch the last train. On the Kecskemet postal train I meet Dora, from the tourism school, in a particularly bubbly mood, reading 'Lolita'.
August 3rd; Great success completing a list. I didn't join the family swimming in the Tisza today.

August 2nd; European men firing paintballs filled with stag's blood? Shooting to bring down motorbike-riding nuns in German forests? Teensy bit Hermann Nitsch?
August 1st; Finished 'A Megismerese Epitokovei' by Andy Clark, translated fairly lucidly by Csaba Pleh. Rather sad there's nothing better in Hungarian for the information-theory term 'crosstalk' than 'atbeszeles' [wouldn't something suggesting more 'overflow' or 'interfere', like a 'tul-' or 'csere-', have worked a bit better?], but all done pretty conscientiously, as far as I can judge. Clark spends the book defending the Rumelhart McClelland et al parallel distributed processing model of human thought, while being careful not to put all his eggs in one basket. Preferring 'explanatory cognitive science' to Searle's rather pointed 'weak AI', Clark dismisses the idea that classic logical structures being simulated on neural nets means the nets are not contributing anything, citing how weighted nets can be relatively robust in the face of non-ordered input. I've lost faith in AI a bit, so it looked drier than it used to. Clark's 1989 book repeats the field's persistent error of seeing intelligence as an autonomous structure independent of an animal. However much more sophisticated his approach is [and it is], like Minsky or Dennett, there is still a bedazzlement by intelligence itself, as if thinking is something that could be plucked out of the animal whose drives to eat, fuck, survive etc thinking serves, somehow leaving the rest of the system and its autonomy behind.


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